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and fans' eagle eyes.

Check out the apparent canonical crossover between the Moff's two shows...

I think I'll go watch "A Study in Time" again now!
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All this series of Doctor Who I've been wishing for the Moff to just lay out River's timeline for us, in a DVD extra, or in my more ambitious wishes a special box set that does her episodes in the order she lived them.

And tonight, in Doctor Who Confidential, I got my wish! With narration by River even, which was better than I actually expected - if I seriously thought they would ever do it I could only envision Stephen Moffat rattling the events off in a big run-on sentence, possibly with stills added. This was so much cooler.

Oh, and there was a finale episode on too, or something...

Spoilers, sweetie )
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I really don't think my reaction to that is conveyable in words...*hyperventilates*

But I'll give it a shot: )
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[livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa just posted these and they must be passed on - if you haven't seen the missing scenes from the DVDs, check out:

Scene bridging The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below

Scene bridging Flesh and Stone and The Vampires of Venice

Both full of utterly marvellous interaction between Amy and the Doctor - adorable, fascinating and hilarious.
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Passing on a rec by [livejournal.com profile] trobadora because it is brilliant - check out the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover vid by [livejournal.com profile] di_br here. I now want that episode so, so much!
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I never got around to posting anything on the DW finale eps (other than OMG) because I was (a) busy moving house and (b) had no internet access shortly afterwards (see reason a) and then when I did have internet again, most of what I wanted to say had been said already by, among others, elisi, selenak and goldenmoonrose.

But there is one thing I noticed that I haven't seen picked up anywhere else: the whacking great Princess Bride references )
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I think that may have been the most unexpected Doctor Who episode I've seen - in a good way. I certainly can't recall any others that required the BBC to flag up a helpline at the end...

further spoilery thoughts within )
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Amy's Choice, hmm? )

And now I want fic, damn it. Anyone know of any Doctor/Amy/Rory?
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My housemate's nephew was just here and guess what he had in his bag of toys? A Weeping Angels mask! One of the feral faces, brr. And all I could think was - remember that kids game where everyone creeps up on someone whose back is turned and freezes when they turn around? How disturbing would that be if all of the kids were wearing those masks?!
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like this much *holds arms out* I mean, Matt Smith as the Doctor is very fine and I really like him, but I have the most ridiculous crush on Amy now.

Doctor Who 5.05 - spoilers )
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David Tennant, I am going to miss you.

And bloody hell, that was a ride and a half.

The End of Time )
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I have one thing to say.


I will (possibly) be back with something else later when I am less incoherent with rage.
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Since I never got around to doing a reaction post for Partners in Crime, there's stuff on both that and The Fires of Pompeii in here )
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Hoorah. Read my rambling thoughts on the Torchwood fic "Shiny Prize" by [livejournal.com profile] lightgetsin here.

And as before, consider signing up and commentating on a fic yourself - there's still time! It's not too late!

(And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski for checking I hadn't said anything blatantly insane in either commentary. Cheers m'dear.)
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Word count: approx. 1000 words
Rating: gen (I don't know what's up with this fandom, all I can manage is gen!)
Warnings: Kind of angsty.
Spoilers: DW Last of the Time Lords, TW End of Days
Summary: What might have happened to the rest of Torchwood 3 during the year that never was.

Big thank yous to [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski for squee and grammar duty.

Yesterday was But a Dream )
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Not entirely sure where this will end up, but here goes:

I've been reading a fair bit of episode analysis and meta and bitching/squeeing over Doctor Who lately, especially the finale.

Now I like how Martha left. I thought it followed from her character that she couldn't stay any longer and it made sense for her. She has her family, she needs to finish her degree and she needs to take a step back away from the Doctor.

But along with several other people, the line about thinking she had been second best but she's actually really good (forgive the mangled quote, the video is downstairs) jarred me a little because the Doctor doesn't reply and agree with her.

And there have been a lot of comments on how dreadful of him that was, and how it shows he does think she isn't as good as Rose etc. and I was a bit unhappy about it myself.

And then I thought: but that's Martha's whole point. She doesn't need his validation. She knows she's good and to have the Doctor reply verbally just makes it about his opinion again when it isn't, it's about Martha and how she feels about herself. (And he does reply, he gives this happy chuckle - which to me says he agrees anyway and he knows she doesn't need the words from him.)

So that is my thought.
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How will I survive until Christmas without my Doctor fix?

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