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This journal is where I put my fanfiction and the occasional ramble on the topic of a tv series or film. I write slash almost exclusively and my current obsession is with Stargate: Atlantis, though I'm also currently getting fairly obsessive about Merlin on the BBC.

If that's your thing and you decide you want to friend me, please go right ahead - I will be bemused, but flattered. Feel free to comment, discuss, disagree with my opinions, offer constructive criticism, squee or just lurk - whatever floats your boat is fine and I'll be happy to see you. (I should probably mention just for clarity that flaming or other nastiness is not fine, but I'm assuming you are all lovely and take that as read anyway.) Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back - it is nothing personal. I just spend way too much time reading my flist as it is and I tend to add to it at sporadic and random intervals.

On that topic, if I have friended you, I'll probably tend to the lurker end of the spectrum. I usually friend because I liked your fic, so if I've suddenly appeared on your friends page, that's why.

Please do not cross-post comments or other content from this journal to Twitter or Facebook.
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