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Today I came down to log on and discovered, to my utter horror and nausea, that a SLUG had made itself at home underneath and between the keys in the number pad of my keyboard.

Yeah, you read that right.


Urg, ew, ack. I may never feel clean again.

You probably don't want the details of how I disposed of it, suffice to say it employed salt and various extracting tools and the stiffest upper lip I could muster. Miraculously, the keyboard still works (unlike my peace of mind).

I've removed the little (sometimes big) bastards from my floors off and on since I moved in but this is the absolute limit.

Anyone got any advice on preventing future incursions? Or failing that, something really happy-making to rec?
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But sometimes I think, hey, I'll go to a real life shop where I can browse and pick up the books and, you know, support my high street economy or whatever.

And then I rediscover that Waterstones never actually has the books I want, or the first part of any series that sounds interesting. Of the 8 books I was looking for today (I thought I'd give them a fair chance to have some) they had 2. And I didn't buy the second because when I read a few pages it didn't grab me (so they at least win over internet shopping for that).

What they didn't have:
Elizabeth's London - Liza Picard
Posh and Other Language Myths - Michael Quinion
Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold
Sunshine - Robin McKinley (or any other books by her at all)
Immortal Milk - Eric LeMay
Never the Bride - Paul Magrs

What they did have:
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews which was the one that I didn't buy.
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. Only in hardback but by then I was so fed up of not being able to get what I wanted I bought it anyway.

And I also got The Fourth Bear by Jasper fforde, The Book of General Ignorance by QI people and Six Wives by David Starkey. But they weren't what I went in for, damn it.

woe is me

Nov. 16th, 2009 12:08 pm
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Missing both the latest Merlin and Doctor Who. Of all the weekends I could pick to go on holiday to the US for two weeks and it just had to clash, sigh.

And I won't get to see either until I get back (and I'm hoping my housemates remeber to check the next two Merlin eps record as well, fingers crossed). At least I'll have a lot to watch while I get over my jetlag!

Anyway I won't be around much until Dec (you probably won't notice the difference) so let me know if I miss anything important?
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When you're reading chapter 24 of a fascinating and tense 28 part fic, go to click the link to chapter 25 and the fucking website stops working.

And then you go to the author's lj and all the links lead back to the same website.

*cries in frustration*

I'm going to bed to sulk.
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Oh, sweet internet, how do I love thee? *smooches*

So there I was on Tuesday the fifth, happily reading a nice new, multipart SGA fic. I read part one, clicked on part two - and my home internet connection died. And has remained dead ever fucking since!!!!!!!

I am currently in an internet cafe since the stupid bloody lot still haven't managed to sort things out - only now they have a general fault with everyone so it's impossible to tell if mine has been fixed or not.

Grr. Argh.

So please let me know if there is anything major I've missed? *bambi eyes* who knows when I'll be able to reply, but I'd appreciate it anyway.
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Never mind feeling like death warmed over, I feel like Death's less attractive and ickier cousing Pestilence.

And rereading that sentence, the meds or the fever is making me loopy.
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Just how many times do I use "and then" or "then" when I'm describing actions?

Far too freaking many, that's what.

*grabs bazooka and goes on search and destroy mission*
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Dear fireworks displays,


November the 5th, Diwali and Hari Raya are all over now. If I wanted to live in a constant barrage of bangs and explosion noises,I would move to Iraq.

The cats would like to come out from underneath the furniture now.

No love,
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1) I keep reading things recently in SGA where Ronon and Teyla are described as much younger than they look, or than the Earth lot think they are. I now would like to see a fic where they are both 45 or older but the Athosians and Satedans are just really clean-living folks with amazing genes...

2) It would also be nice not to read any more McShep slash where John goes into rhapsodies over Rodney's perfect, cuddly, comfy, cushiony stomach. Sometimes it's cute, but I seem to be seeing it everywhere lately.

3) I have been fic-gazumped. My own fault for not writing the damn idea up, but when I've had an idea in my head of how my slightly stuck-on-a-backburner, not going to get done for months girlJohn AU might end up in a threesome and then [livejournal.com profile] astolat writes a totally smoking hot, amazing girlJohn threesome (which you should go read here because, seriously, smoking)... well, I now feel slightly "meh, what's the point"-ish, because there is no way anything I come up with will be that good. And who needs another version when it already exists in perfection? Sigh. Back to the drawing board on that one for me.

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