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Oct. 6th, 2012 09:05 pm
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The fifth series of Merlin started tonight and so I duly watched. Is it just me, though, or is the plotting getting repetitive? Stop me if this list sounds familiar...

Cryptic threat to Arthur: check
Merlin worries: check
Arthur dismisses Merlin's worries: check
Arthur and Merlin insult each other: check
Arthur is noble: check
Arthur and Merlin have a moment of affirming mutual loyalty at night: check
Merlin summons Dragon: check
Merlin is Arthur's only hope of safety: check
Knights get their shirts off: check
Morgana plots: check

I had an enormous sense of deja vu all through the episode. The traitor was obvious almost on first appearance, nothing got said in dialogue that I hadn't heard from the characters before (apart for the one exception of Gwen being brilliantly ruthless that was the only bit that felt like it wasn't a retread)... It feels like it's stuck in stasis, and nothing feels more like that than the relationship between Merlin and Arthur who have been dancing the same steps in it for about the last 3 series. I don't know - I feel like Uther dying last series should have been this huge game changer, but instead it's more like it just changed the details around the edges and the centre stayed exactly the same.

Come on, Merlin writers! Shake it up a bit - do something different! (And that does not mean fart jokes, you already did those.)
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So I have dragged out the huge Merlin WIP of doom that I started yonks ago and finally added a little to it, but I am now Stuck Again and need a good kick up the backside help.

For those of you who had forgotten the Merlin WIP of doom (and who could blame you?) it is the modern AU where Arthur is a detective, Merlin is an intelligence analyst, magic is rising once again and I merrily warp S1 events to suit myself.

Now, I am 52000 words into the damn thing and have a pretty good idea of the remaining plot to come. The trouble is I'm not quite sure what bits should come next which is making it tricky to try and bridge into them.

So a poll:

[Poll #1638562]

Don't worry about what happens before this - I just need something to kickstart my thoughts again.
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Check out [ profile] selenak's Merlin Episode Guide. As the writer asserts "every episode description is entirely accurate! From, as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, a certain point of view". Entirely accurate and totally hilarious, what more could you want?
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Written for the [ profile] merlin_flashfic Winter challenge - approx. 8000 words of winter, Arthur being intrepid and mild slashiness of the Merlin/Arthur variety. Thanks as usual to [ profile] torakowalski for the beta work (one day I will put commas in the correct places, one day...)

Summary: The first snows of winter have fallen and Arthur has Merlin to find and a test to pass out in the cold, or neither of them will make it back to Camelot.

Winter's Trial
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Or The One with Morgause, The One with Freya and The One with Vivian to call them after the main women.

All the ones I missed by being on holiday - and flist, I need advice. I've got up to the point where Arthur is being nobbled in The One with Vivian and a feeling of 'oh God, this is going to be squick-worthy' has caused me to stop watching. Are my instincts correct or should I take the plunge and keep going? (Bear in mind I have a massive embarrassment/humiliation squick to the point where I cannot watch The Office or most of Fawlty Towers and that Arthur is my favourite character.)

And if you think I would probably prefer not to watch it, I would appreciate a summary of what actually happens just so I don't actually miss anything but don't have to suffer it!

Also, our digital signal seemed to go AWOL for the first part of The One with Morgause so I have missed up to Arthur climbing out of his window - a summary of that would also be good.

Aaaand spoilers: )
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Okay, last week's episode was funtimes, but this week's?

Wheeeeeeee! )
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In a striking departure from established behaviour, I managed to get an idea and write it up before the latest [ profile] merlin_flashfic challenge was over.

So here it is: 7500 words of cracky fairytale AU, in which Arthur is not a princess, Merlin gets his wand out, Morgana is a damsel intent on causing distress and nobody goes to the ball.

Fear Not, Fair Prince!
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I just dropped out of the [ profile] boxofmagic Merlin BigBang. *sigh*

There is just no way I was going to get a complete first draft done by 24 June - I've had a lot going on in RL and I'm still two emotional confrontations, three action sequences and a bit with a dragon away from an ending. I'm a bit gutted that I won't get to be part of it and get an artwork and all that...


I have managed to write 44000 words in 4 months, which for me is nothing short of miraculous. (Seriously. My last long fic at 48000 words took me over a year.) And I will definitely finish it and post it at some point because there's bits still I really want to write. So the sky isn't entirely dark and I'm glad I had go because I wouldn't have written this fic at all otherwise.
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20,000 words down of the Merlin BigBang and I think I'm about halfway. Depends how much writing the rest of the plan is going to take, really.

I'm also starting to think I might be writing gen because I have no idea where Merlin and Arthur getting together would actually fit in! This is slightly bizarre. Maybe I can claim it's actually preslash? Or maybe they can get together right at the end, hmm...

Anyway. I have written the first big action-type bit and Nimueh just turned up so I am cautiously pleased with how it is going aside fom the mysteriously absent slashiness.
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3700 words down of my Merlin BigBang thing. My mojo is not lost and gone forever after all.

I've got passed the tricky first meeting of Merlin and Arthur and the 'hey, you're not so bad' realisation bit. I'm thinking the next bit is to introduce Morgana, which is again going to be tricky, but I'm motoring now because it is starting things I really hate. Yay!
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Written for the Transformation challenge:

In Turning We Come Around Right. 12990 words (hence the not-quite-flashfic), Merlin/Arthur, R. Arthur wakes up changed, and that changes everything else.

"Arthur?" Merlin said, closing the door and then setting the tray on the table and taking a few steps nearer. "Is everything –" he began and cut himself off as Arthur stood up and turned around. "Arthur?" he squeaked, suddenly very glad that he'd put the tray down.

Part One and Part Two at [ profile] merlin_flashfic.
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I've seen this floating around a bit lately so I guess that means it's time to look back again.

List of stories I've written in 2008:

Stargate: Atlantis:
A Brief Encounter (SGA/Torchwood crossover, Rodney/Jack, PG-13, prequel to A Holiday Humour)
Something New Under the Sky and the sequel Forms of Friendship (SGA/Buffy crossover, Teyla/Faith, PG)
The Finest Clothes Beneath (sequel to Naked Under These Clothes, John/Rodney, NC-17)

Come On With the Rain (Jack/Ianto, PG)

First Night (tag to episode 1, gen)
The Worst Servant (drabble, gen)
And None But We Can Be Such Kings (Merlin/Arthur, R)
A Little Fire to Warm (Merlin/Arthur, PG-13)
Blue-eyed Death (drabble, gen, flashfic tag to episode 8)
Treason to Us (Merlin/Arthur, PG-13, flashfic)
Passing the Test (tag to episode 11, gen)
The Evil We Make (Nimueh, gen, flashfic)

and the rest of the meme )


Dec. 20th, 2008 04:26 pm
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*falls over in shock*

I just saw the Merlin/Arthur fic award results, and, and, I won? No, seriously, I think I'm actually misreading that...


*giggles madly*

Best angst and best romance?

Why hello, yes, I am schizophrenic... (though at least it wasn't the same fic, that would be bizarre)

And I think I runnered-up in about 4 others!


I am honestly completely flabbergasted, and so, so happy and grateful and anyone at all who voted for those fics is an absolute angel and wonder of the world.


(I seriously can't believe I got best angst - since when am I an angst writer? I write happy!fic.)
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Figured I'd post a link to my answer to the Bad Magic challenge over here as well:

The Evil We Make

Gen, 300 odd words and Nimueh's POV. Very strange to try and do since she hasn't been in the show that much, but that was the idea I had so I went with it.

I think that Merlin could do with having a bit of a stronger Big Bad to be honest, or giving the Big Bad (or the series I suppose) a more consistent arc. It's unfair to compare I suppose, but by this point in, for example, BtVS or Doctor Who we would have been seeing the build up to the finale as the whole storyline of the last couple of episodes. But with Merlin, we're at the season finale and the last episodes have still felt like standalones.

Not that I'm not absolutely dying with excitement at seeing the finale, mind.
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I hope you had a wonderful day and that the next year is full of all good things (like Merlin/Arthur and Colin and Bradley).

Anyway, have a Merlin ficlet as a present. No beta, and it doesn't really go anywhere but the idea kept hanging around so I wrote it down. Spoilers for The Labyrinth of Gedref.

Passing the Test )
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I ♥ Uther. Now there's something I never thought I would say.

more reactions )
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[ profile] merlin_flashfic is now open! *bounces*

Come and join and play with us! And bring your friends - pimp to your flist, pimp to everybody, pimp like a mad pimping thing!

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