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I have now watched the prepenultimate and penultimate episode of Highlander series one and... yeah. Not really running up to the finale with a bang! They're probably the ones I've enjoyed least so far.

Der Racheengel )

Flucht ohne Ausweg )

I think one thing I am missing in this series is an arc. Here I am, with just one episode to go but there's no thread to pull me into it with anticipation. All the episodes have been standalones and while they have (mostly) been entertaining and enjoyable, it does lose something from not having that plot tying them together and from not having a build up to the finale.
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Of the two episodes under review this time, I have no memory of ever watching the first before and a very clear memory of the second. Possibly I never did watch this first one...

Zirkusluft )

Das Geheimnis des Modeschoepfers )

Only three episodes to go and then series one is over. If I remember rightly, the Watchers should be entering soon, stage left... I'm looking forward to Joe's arrival but less so to Darius' departure, sigh.
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Gone a bit mad with the HL iconnage, but damn there are some pretty ones out there. So I'm using Darius since he keeps popping up in the episodes, much to my delight.

And in this week's exciting episodes we have: why absinthe is bad for you, a very nice hat on a very bad man, why being a diva is bad plan, and the sideburns that ate Paris.

Masken des Todes )

Beichtgeheimnis )

Der Damon des Waldes )

Der Konig von Amazonas )

Right, I'm off to look for more icons...
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I'm slightly over half way through series 1 now and still enjoying myself. Particularly the historical flashbacks actually - despite my inappropriate glee every time Duncan has a different accent, they really are rather impressive for a TV series. The costume dept must have loved all the opportunities to do different things too not to mention getting to dress someone who looks as good in absolutely everything as Adrian Paul!

So next up we have:

Blondinen bevorzugt )

Das Attentat )

Nachright von Darius )

It seems like the order of episodes has sorted itself out now - the DVDs have started to agree with the order on the box so that will make it less irritating to watch!
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The rewatch continues:

Der Todesengel )

Der Russe )

Das verlorene Schwert )

And on a final note, I want Duncan's hair tie.
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Or if we want to be British "there can be only one, chaps". (Okay, they don't really say chaps.)

My quest to rewatch Highlander continues and now that I've demanded ny refund for shoddy, unplayable DVDs I have moved on to collecting the DVDs in the German releases (UK ones no longer seeming to exist). Which fortunately have a choice of German or original English audio because I don't remember much of the Deutsch I learned at school.

Though if you give me a couple of weeks, I'll be able to claim that I'm immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland and that I'm waiting for the Gathering since the written introduction at the start of each episodes' credits is in German. So are the titles actually which I was not expecting. And confusingly, the order of the episodes written on the DVD packaging does not match the order of the episodes actually on the discs... I'm pretty sure it is the packaging that has it correct from the little I was able to watch of the last set I tried! But all the episodes are there, just a little... jumbled.

So for the Germans on my flist I have now watched:
Die Zusammenkunft
Die Maske
Der Fremde
Sprung in den Tod
Ein Toter zuwenig
Die Wilderer

1, 2, 4 and 6 I can translate or it's close enough to the English version. Does 'sprung in den tod' mean jump to the death? It would fit, even if it's not much like Free Fall. But what on earth do 'willenlos' and 'ein toter zuwenig' mean? Because the second does not look much like Bad Day in Building A to me!

Further ramblings on what I've watched below (with spoilers, obvs) )

I watched 3.5 of those today. This series is seriously addictive! And when I finish, I can watch them all again in German for the fun of it.
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We're the princes of the universe... *guitar solo*

Guess what? My Highlander DVDs arrived today! All 6 seasons in one gloriously 90s package, yay. So far I have watched episode 1, The Gathering and I have a totally stupid smile on my face. That was the only one I've seen more than once because I managed to find a VHS at one point but I haven't seen it for years.

Not really a spoiler cut, more so you can avoid my ramblings: )

I rather enjoyed the extras too. Watcher chronicles for all the characters mentioned (with spoilers for later episodes, whoops) and a bit from Mr Panzer looking back at the first episode from 6 years on.
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Flagged up by [livejournal.com profile] fajrdrako, SFX magazine is doing a poll for the 5 sexiest male and female sci-fi/fantasy stars.

Go vote sometime before 09 Aug.

My ten are (in no order):

1. David Tennant
2. Viggo Mortensen
3. Joe Flanigan
4. John Barrowman
5. Peter Wingfield

1. Claudia Black
2. Freema Agyeman
3. Sigourney Weaver
4. Amber Benson
5. Eliza Dushku

And now I shall go away and go "Oh pants, I forgot about X..." for the rest of the night.
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May as well stick the Highlander drabble in here too - at least I won't lose it again that way. (Incidentally, mòrchuis is the Gaelic for pride, specifically splendour; ambition)

Mòrchuis )
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So I just went and saw Wilby Wonderful at my local cinema (nyah nyah nyah) and it's soooo good - yeah, I know I have the DVD but seeing it in a full cinema (and it was pretty much, enough that I didn't spot any conspicuous fangirls) is a totally different experience. All the funny bits seemed much funnier just because there were lots of other people laughing. We got a voting card after for an award in the Commonwealth Film Festival (which was why it was showing in the first place) and all the ones I craned to see were giving it 4 stars.

Random thoughts:

Paul Gross is a damn pretty guy, possibly even prettier when he's older and a little tired compared to in dS for some reason. I think possibly because he looked so much more touchable and he was doing these little smiles that were just great.

James Allodi has the most marvellous eyes and a really sweet smile, and he was all low key and understated and lovely to watch.

Sandra Oh cracks me up and then makes me all sad, which is a total compliment, and Rebecca Jenkins and Ellen Page were both just perfect.

And what about Mr Callum Keith Rennie, I hear you cry? Sex on legs, as usual. He has really nice arms (lets hear a big yay for overalls) and a sweet smile and his eyes are so pretty... And was it nice seeing all that on a big screen? Not half! He's the most gorgeous part of a gorgeous little film.
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Most of these recs will be slash. If you don’t know what that means, click on the link. Now that you know, if you find the concept offensive, don’t click on anything that doesn’t specifically say that it isn’t slash, OK? And if you do and you don’t like what you find, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I may or not give more specific warnings with individual stories, but there is likely to be lots of love and sex and a fair amount of violence, though I am extremely unlikely to rec anything involving the permanent death of a character or an unhappy ending.

gen, or non-slash )

Alternate Universe )

Plot, What Plot? )

Longer Series )

Not D/M )

the rest )

The archives )
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now it’s the turn of the TV series.

Read more... )

I promise the recs will be in the next one!
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You’d think by now I’d be onto the recs, wouldn’t you? Only I thought I should do a quick summary of important canon events first, just in case I inspire any newbies to try this fandom.

So if you are already a fan or you don’t care, feel free to skip this and move straight on to the stories above. Otherwise )
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Which I think deserves a post of its own: the characters are damn nice to look at! (So I’m shallow, so what?) See here )

Or check out these lovely vids, I’m Too Sexy by Melina and Steam by Killa, both available here.
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Given all that I said below, you might be wondering what it is about this fandom that I like and that has inspired such a huge volume of fanfic (over 3400 on the Seventh Dimension archive).

Well, first of all: )
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Partly inspired by [livejournal.com profile] buzzylittleb, I have embarked on the fun and amusing task of compiling recs of the fandoms I have visited since discovering the phenomenon of fanfiction about 5 years ago. (Wow, was it that recently? It feels a lot longer!)

So it makes sense to start with the first fandom I ever stumbled across, Highlander. The post was getting pretty long, so I'm going to split it into two or three, starting with my attempt to explain the complicated background of the HL fandomhere )

And I'll go on to why I like it and the actual recs in a different post.

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