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10 minutes of behind the scenes from The Hobbit. I am in love with the whole LotR crew all over again. There was Alan Lee! And John Howe! And Dan Hennah! And Richard Taylor! And of course Peter Jackson (looking much less like a hobbit himself these days)! Oh guys, I've missed you guys...

And Ian McKellen, and Andy Serkis, and Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage - and OMG is that James Nesbitt? And why did nobody tell me Ken Stott was Balin? I love Ken Stott, and Balin is my favourite dwarf!
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[livejournal.com profile] monanotlisa just posted these and they must be passed on - if you haven't seen the missing scenes from the DVDs, check out:

Scene bridging The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below

Scene bridging Flesh and Stone and The Vampires of Venice

Both full of utterly marvellous interaction between Amy and the Doctor - adorable, fascinating and hilarious.
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Here I was watching this vid of Dean and Castiel's funniest moments (I may have to cave in and actually watch the show proper at some point) when I had the most bizarre moment of actor recognition ever. One of the clips is from the episode where Dean takes Castiel to the brothel - and the hooker called Chastity he sends Castiel off with? Is freaking Katya Virshilas, professional ballroom dancer from off of Strictly Come Dancing!

I was envious enough of her for dancing with Antonio Banderas (here). Girl gets all the good guys. (Oh yeah, and Phil Tufnell...)
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Okay, this is seriously addictive. It's a vocabulary test, and for every word you manage to assign the correct meaning, someone donates 20 grains of rice.

For every word you get right, it also apparently gets trickier, and there is a score that goes up and down at the bottom depending on how well you do... my best is at 49.

Go play.
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Comment if you want to do this and I'll give you a letter. Then you go and list ten things you like starting with that letter.

Via [livejournal.com profile] torakowalski, who gave me an "A".

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Seems an unlikely mix, but [livejournal.com profile] hth_the_first has added Ronon, Rodney and sex and made it work in Ode.

And inspired me to reread one of the poems she references as it is very cool.

Prayer Before Birth - Louis MacNeice )
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Over the last few days I've watched all the extras on my brand spanking new Torchwood boxset.

Last night I rewatched the first three episodes.

Today I watched (spoiler alert, don't click if you're remaining pristine) this from a BBC teaser trailer, link kindly originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] fajrdrako.

Is it the 16th yet, huh, huh? Is it?

*bounces impatiently*

Come on, come on, come on...
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I can't say anything without spoiling it, but this was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. I'm still giggling to myself.
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Most of these recs will be slash. If you don’t know what that means, click on the link. Now that you know, if you find the concept offensive, don’t click on anything that doesn’t specifically say that it isn’t slash, OK? And if you do and you don’t like what you find, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I may or not give more specific warnings with individual stories, but there is likely to be lots of love and sex and a fair amount of violence, though I am extremely unlikely to rec anything involving the permanent death of a character or an unhappy ending.

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I forced myself to stop at 13 before I wound up with a reference to nearly every story I've read.

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