Merlin 5.01

Oct. 6th, 2012 09:05 pm
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The fifth series of Merlin started tonight and so I duly watched. Is it just me, though, or is the plotting getting repetitive? Stop me if this list sounds familiar...

Cryptic threat to Arthur: check
Merlin worries: check
Arthur dismisses Merlin's worries: check
Arthur and Merlin insult each other: check
Arthur is noble: check
Arthur and Merlin have a moment of affirming mutual loyalty at night: check
Merlin summons Dragon: check
Merlin is Arthur's only hope of safety: check
Knights get their shirts off: check
Morgana plots: check

I had an enormous sense of deja vu all through the episode. The traitor was obvious almost on first appearance, nothing got said in dialogue that I hadn't heard from the characters before (apart for the one exception of Gwen being brilliantly ruthless that was the only bit that felt like it wasn't a retread)... It feels like it's stuck in stasis, and nothing feels more like that than the relationship between Merlin and Arthur who have been dancing the same steps in it for about the last 3 series. I don't know - I feel like Uther dying last series should have been this huge game changer, but instead it's more like it just changed the details around the edges and the centre stayed exactly the same.

Come on, Merlin writers! Shake it up a bit - do something different! (And that does not mean fart jokes, you already did those.)
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and fans' eagle eyes.

Check out the apparent canonical crossover between the Moff's two shows...

I think I'll go watch "A Study in Time" again now!
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All this series of Doctor Who I've been wishing for the Moff to just lay out River's timeline for us, in a DVD extra, or in my more ambitious wishes a special box set that does her episodes in the order she lived them.

And tonight, in Doctor Who Confidential, I got my wish! With narration by River even, which was better than I actually expected - if I seriously thought they would ever do it I could only envision Stephen Moffat rattling the events off in a big run-on sentence, possibly with stills added. This was so much cooler.

Oh, and there was a finale episode on too, or something...

Spoilers, sweetie )
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It took me a while to watch the second and third episodes, which I guess illustrates how grabbed I was by the first one. Once I was watching though I certainly felt the urge to keep going and find out what happens.

It's definitely a different feeling to the series though. Someone (I think it was [ profile] rivier) made a very interesting post about that and I think it hits the nail on the head. It boils down to a distinction - TW, up until now, was always about the people on the team and the plots or the monsters of the week were (mostly) there to show how those characters were affected and changed by them. But now the emphasis is all in the opposite direction - it is about the plot, not the characters, and so it feels a lot more distant than it used to ( CoE was like the bridge between the two styles in a way). Three episodes in and what have we learned about Rex and Esther, or Jilly? Not much, and I expect Jilly is meant to be an enigma right now but the other two shouldn't be.

Not that I haven't enjoyed the episodes so far, but it is nice to be able to go "ah, that's what feels different".

Not much to say about either episode because I still don't really know what is going on. But it did annoy me that the much-vaunted sex scenes were a result of the two male team members buggering (ha) off for some R&R while Esther and Gwen got left behind being serious and responsible. Rex at least got to storm off in a temper but Jack just came off as having ADHD... "Hmm, possibly world-ending crisis, we should... ooh, gay bar! See ya!"

Anyway, Oswald Danes is fascinating in a horrible kind of way, Dr Juarez is brilliant and I'm curious about the cult with the Cybermen-ish masks. Though I hope there is something behind the plot other than "big pharma companies are EVIL" because I happen to work in pharmaceuticals (though not for a big one) and I am not evil, thank you very much.
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I have now watched the prepenultimate and penultimate episode of Highlander series one and... yeah. Not really running up to the finale with a bang! They're probably the ones I've enjoyed least so far.

Der Racheengel )

Flucht ohne Ausweg )

I think one thing I am missing in this series is an arc. Here I am, with just one episode to go but there's no thread to pull me into it with anticipation. All the episodes have been standalones and while they have (mostly) been entertaining and enjoyable, it does lose something from not having that plot tying them together and from not having a build up to the finale.
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Of the two episodes under review this time, I have no memory of ever watching the first before and a very clear memory of the second. Possibly I never did watch this first one...

Zirkusluft )

Das Geheimnis des Modeschoepfers )

Only three episodes to go and then series one is over. If I remember rightly, the Watchers should be entering soon, stage left... I'm looking forward to Joe's arrival but less so to Darius' departure, sigh.
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Gone a bit mad with the HL iconnage, but damn there are some pretty ones out there. So I'm using Darius since he keeps popping up in the episodes, much to my delight.

And in this week's exciting episodes we have: why absinthe is bad for you, a very nice hat on a very bad man, why being a diva is bad plan, and the sideburns that ate Paris.

Masken des Todes )

Beichtgeheimnis )

Der Damon des Waldes )

Der Konig von Amazonas )

Right, I'm off to look for more icons...
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I'm slightly over half way through series 1 now and still enjoying myself. Particularly the historical flashbacks actually - despite my inappropriate glee every time Duncan has a different accent, they really are rather impressive for a TV series. The costume dept must have loved all the opportunities to do different things too not to mention getting to dress someone who looks as good in absolutely everything as Adrian Paul!

So next up we have:

Blondinen bevorzugt )

Das Attentat )

Nachright von Darius )

It seems like the order of episodes has sorted itself out now - the DVDs have started to agree with the order on the box so that will make it less irritating to watch!
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The rewatch continues:

Der Todesengel )

Der Russe )

Das verlorene Schwert )

And on a final note, I want Duncan's hair tie.
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Or if we want to be British "there can be only one, chaps". (Okay, they don't really say chaps.)

My quest to rewatch Highlander continues and now that I've demanded ny refund for shoddy, unplayable DVDs I have moved on to collecting the DVDs in the German releases (UK ones no longer seeming to exist). Which fortunately have a choice of German or original English audio because I don't remember much of the Deutsch I learned at school.

Though if you give me a couple of weeks, I'll be able to claim that I'm immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland and that I'm waiting for the Gathering since the written introduction at the start of each episodes' credits is in German. So are the titles actually which I was not expecting. And confusingly, the order of the episodes written on the DVD packaging does not match the order of the episodes actually on the discs... I'm pretty sure it is the packaging that has it correct from the little I was able to watch of the last set I tried! But all the episodes are there, just a little... jumbled.

So for the Germans on my flist I have now watched:
Die Zusammenkunft
Die Maske
Der Fremde
Sprung in den Tod
Ein Toter zuwenig
Die Wilderer

1, 2, 4 and 6 I can translate or it's close enough to the English version. Does 'sprung in den tod' mean jump to the death? It would fit, even if it's not much like Free Fall. But what on earth do 'willenlos' and 'ein toter zuwenig' mean? Because the second does not look much like Bad Day in Building A to me!

Further ramblings on what I've watched below (with spoilers, obvs) )

I watched 3.5 of those today. This series is seriously addictive! And when I finish, I can watch them all again in German for the fun of it.
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I really don't think my reaction to that is conveyable in words...*hyperventilates*

But I'll give it a shot: )
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We're the princes of the universe... *guitar solo*

Guess what? My Highlander DVDs arrived today! All 6 seasons in one gloriously 90s package, yay. So far I have watched episode 1, The Gathering and I have a totally stupid smile on my face. That was the only one I've seen more than once because I managed to find a VHS at one point but I haven't seen it for years.

Not really a spoiler cut, more so you can avoid my ramblings: )

I rather enjoyed the extras too. Watcher chronicles for all the characters mentioned (with spoilers for later episodes, whoops) and a bit from Mr Panzer looking back at the first episode from 6 years on.
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Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever:

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italicize the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Strikeout the shows you've never seen.
4. Post your answers.

I think I've seen an awful lot of these, really... )
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I've been reading a lot of Buffy fic and meta lately and it has reminded me how much I love that show so I thought I would give this a go - though all at once because I'll never to remember to keep posting for 30 days. (TV show only - haven't read the comics and as far as I'm concerned they don't exist.)

30 things about Buffy... )
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The second season of Dollhouse is creeping the shit out of me. I assume this is its intent but oh my lord does it make for some uncomfortable viewing. Addictive though, kind of like a car crash where I can't look away because I need to know where it goes. (I'm guessing somewhere bad.)

There has been at least one episode where I felt a need to take a bath afterwards and the rest are making me clutch cushions and go 'meep' in horror a lot. I mean the first season had its moments but they have turned the disturbometer up to 11 for this one.

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I did pretty well in the fannish Christmas present stakes this year: the latest Doctor Who, Sherlock, every radio series of The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy, all of which I had asked for. The surprise gift in the fannish stocking was from my sister who gave me series 1 of Misfits - she raves about the show, much to my surprise as she normally doesn't go for the genre stuff, but I'd never seen it. (Though I spotted [ profile] monanotlisa giving it a thumbs up a while back too and was intrigued.)

Watched the first three episodes tonight and the hype was spot on! Funny, off-beat, surprisingly brutal, a bit dark, pleasingly unpredictable and a whole hell of a lot of fun. I would happily rec it to anyone else who managed to miss the boat on it - can't wait to see where it goes.
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I was randomly flicking channels when an extremely cool shot of a barrel wave from underneath caught my eye so I stopped on BBC4 for South Pacific. And two minutes later I went "hey, I recognise that voice..." for lo, it was the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch narrating. So I watched the whole hour (I probably would have anyway, because the whole thing was gorgeous and interesting, but it certainly helped).

I think the BBC has a secret contract where any actor with a sexy voice is immediately made to do documentary voiceovers. The amount of times I spend an entire programme going "damn, who is that talking?" and it turns out to be Jack Davenport or Mark Strong or, now, Benedict Cumberbatch. I ♥ Auntie Beeb.

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