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Reading 3 different BDSM fics in a day, one immediately before going to bed, leads to very strange dreams.

Exhibit A: the dream where John Watson made a sex toy out of a grey, cuddly dinosaur robot (yeah, I don't get it either, but that's what it was) by basically disecting it and then rebuilding it into something very abstract because dom!Sherlock told John to impress him with his ingenuity.

Exhibit B: the dream where I had to clear the garden of the house I (don't actually) live in, but be absolutely sure to get back inside and lock all the doors before sunset because I'd been ordered to host the annual werewolf orgy. That one got... a little disturbing. (Yes, more disturbing than the one above.)

Exhibit C: the dream where Moriarty had a nephew who broke his orders that started with the nephew tied to a chair and delaying his torture by getting Moriarty to critique all his life choices, followed by him somehow escaping the chair, braining Moriarty on the door frame and then shooting himself as the only way out. (Yes, technically that doesn't involve BDSM, but I'm blaming the fic for it anyway because it was really, really unpleasant and I had been reading Sherlock fic.)

The fact that I was coming down with a cold yesterday may also have contributed to (a) the weirdness and (b) my waking often enough to remember all these messedup things from my subconscious. Gah.
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I don't think I've recced any part of this before, but if there is anyone on my flist who liked Sherlock and hasn't already read this, run don't walk to The Paradox Series by [livejournal.com profile] wordstrings.

Links to all parts are here. This is without doubt the most fascinating take Sherlock/John I've come across. It is a Not Good Sherlock who knows he's Not Good and a John who is just mad enough for them to fit perfectly, and it is intense and amazing and fucked up and really rather beautiful.
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Passing on a rec by [livejournal.com profile] trobadora because it is brilliant - check out the Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover vid by [livejournal.com profile] di_br here. I now want that episode so, so much!
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Barring further interruptions by a fez-wearing neighbour (that will never stop being bizarre and amusing), here are another 7 Sherlock recs:

More fics that I liked under here )
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In the last week, I have memoried over 20 Sherlock fics. God, I love new fandom explosions (and the rate [livejournal.com profile] sherlockbbc has been updating has been amazing).

So! Anyone fancy some recs?

Cut for possible spoilers and in no particular order: )

As I unexpectedly got hijacked by my neighbour arriving at my door in a fez and sunglasses in the middle of this and persuaded next door for drinks and strange music, I will continue this another day when I am not so sleepy...

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