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2 days ago:
- Windows security pops up, announces increasingly frightening things about trojans on my PC and then runs away beacuse I'm not registered
- McAfee finds 30 trojan things on quick scan and nothing more on full scan

1 day ago:
- McAfee pops up to say I need to update
- McAfee security centre goes 'choose what program you want to use to open this file with' instead of opening
- so do Windows Explorer, all other antimalware programs and a bunch of other stuff
- various other things (like the system info and power options via control panel) start claiming they don't exist
- I have minor heart failure and panic

- I go searching for the phrases on google and discover this happens to people all the bloody time when antivirus software gets rid of trojans
- I find several very complicated fixes that involve fiddling with the system registry
- I find 'install this file' to fix for XP on MalwareBytes forum
- it fixes it, hoorah!
- I wonder why the hell the antivirus programs don't mention this can happen and provide fixits as a matter of course...

OMG, OMG, that sucked.

I am now rushing off to buy a large backup device and copy lots of things I don't want to lose to it. (Paranoia is our friend.)
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So I've noticed quite a few people have friended me recently - hi! *waves* I'm going to assume from the timing that it's mostly Merlin fans, which is cool. And I figured I should say a few things...

First of all: welcome! I hope you don't end up too bored - all this Merlin stuff lately is me being highly unusually prolific, and who knows how long that will last. Feel free to comment, discuss, disagree with my opinions, offer constructive criticism, squee or just lurk - whatever floats your boat is fine and I'll be happy to see you. (I should probably mention just for clarity that flaming or other nastiness is not fine, but I'm assuming you are all lovely and take that as read anyway.) Please don't be offended if I don't friend you back - it is nothing personal. I just spend way too much time reading my flist as it is and I tend to add to it at sporadic and random intervals.

That's pretty much it - if you want to stop by and say hi, that's cool, and if you don't then that is fine too. And I shall stop before I start to ramble!
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Being a numpty I have just realised that the story I volunteered to comment on by Kaneko contains both bullet points and a picture. Now, I can copy the picture with the text off her website, but how do I then get the picture as part of an lj post when I post my commentary?

And how do you do bullet points and an indent on lj? I don't think the format of those will copy over from Word either.

Not that I've actually started commenting yet, but I figure I'd better ask these questions now rather than when I'm actually trying to post!

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