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1) Anyone else getting comments lately that are just a link to youtube? I've had 2 and I'm curious (though not curious enough to click the link).

2) Why are people writing "uh" (denoting hesitation in speech) as "ugh" all of a sudden? It's very distracting and keeps making me think all the characters have turned into grunting cavepeople. I don't think that is what the writers are actually trying to portray.

3) I am right in thinking the phrase is "if that's what you think, you've got another think coming", amn't I? I've seen it so many times as "you've got another thing coming" I'm starting to doubt... (The first one makes sense! The second one doesn't!)
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Reading 3 different BDSM fics in a day, one immediately before going to bed, leads to very strange dreams.

Exhibit A: the dream where John Watson made a sex toy out of a grey, cuddly dinosaur robot (yeah, I don't get it either, but that's what it was) by basically disecting it and then rebuilding it into something very abstract because dom!Sherlock told John to impress him with his ingenuity.

Exhibit B: the dream where I had to clear the garden of the house I (don't actually) live in, but be absolutely sure to get back inside and lock all the doors before sunset because I'd been ordered to host the annual werewolf orgy. That one got... a little disturbing. (Yes, more disturbing than the one above.)

Exhibit C: the dream where Moriarty had a nephew who broke his orders that started with the nephew tied to a chair and delaying his torture by getting Moriarty to critique all his life choices, followed by him somehow escaping the chair, braining Moriarty on the door frame and then shooting himself as the only way out. (Yes, technically that doesn't involve BDSM, but I'm blaming the fic for it anyway because it was really, really unpleasant and I had been reading Sherlock fic.)

The fact that I was coming down with a cold yesterday may also have contributed to (a) the weirdness and (b) my waking often enough to remember all these messedup things from my subconscious. Gah.
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I played my clarinet this afternoon, for the first time in... ooh, must be a couple of years at least and even before that it had been sporadic for another bunch of years. So I was a bit worried that I'd pick it up and be unable to remember any fingering or how to read music.

But to my pleased surprise, it all came flooding trickling back. The first attempt at playing an (easy) tune was a bit messy but then I dragged out my book of scales and plugged through a bunch of majors and minors until it felt like the relevant portion of my brain had started to wake up. And then I was away with proper music for about 40 minutes - I'm amazed my embrasure held up that long. Apparently muscle memory is incredibly retentive as well because apart from coming unstuck at trickier bits of fingering, some failure of sightreading when accidentals popped up and a trifling difficulty in remembering which of the weird key combinations up at the upper end of the instrument range was which note, it was mostly okay. I think I'd struggle with pieces I didn't know, but with most of the ones I tried, as long as I didn't think too much it was okay. Not proficient, mind, or particularly smooth but way better than I was expecting.

I need to practice more, because I felt so satisfied when I'd finished playing. And also so I can regain the ability to play semiquavers evenly... I don't really know why I stopped - no I do, it was because I didn't like practicing when I was in a shared house for some reason. (Now I can just annoy the neighbours, which I will try not to think about.) Pretty stupid to let it slip, since I'd worked so hard at it when I was at school. I'm not mssively musical but I made it my goal to pass the ABRSM Grade 8 in my final year of school and I played in the school band, the school orchestra, the regional schools wind band and a concert band one of the music teachers ran... I probably could have passed the exam with a better mark than I did, but it ended up being 2 weeks earlier than me and my teacher had anticipated and I was so nervous I threw up before it (the only exam in my life I have done that for).

Oh, and random weird fact: my accompanist for the exam was Magnus Magnusson's sister - a very lovely woman and very good at playing the piano.
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Finally got around to iplayering Sherlock tonight. Well, actually I tried to iplayer it on Monday but for some reason the Beeb declared it was unavailable in my area, wtf was up with that? So I had to wait - worth it though because I laughed in glee a good four or five times, mostly at exchanges between Holmes and Watson. Oddly, the last thing I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in I didn't like him at all but in this he was attractive... must have been the long coat. Long coats are always good.

I've been in my new house almost a month now. This is the first time I've ever lived on my own - family until uni, obviously, and then shared housing. I think I rather like it, though it was very quiet at first. I'd get a cat, but I have no cat flap option currently and I'm slightly worried about ending up a mad cat woman... I now have a guest room which is pretty cool and I will have my first guests next weekend so I have been checking for enough bedding and towels - it's like being a proper grown up and everything.

In other news, Amazon just sent me an email with recs based (apparently) on my previous visits to them. The first one was a Dan Brown - what on earth did I ever do to deserve that? And how can I avoid ever doing it again? I know damn well I've never searched for one of his books - I've never even picked one up in RL.

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