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This week's [livejournal.com profile] fannish5: Five favorite (or most memorable) lines of dialogue.

Guess them all (source and/or speaker) and win a drabble of your choice.

1. Also, I can kill you with my brain.

2. We can do you blood and love without the rhetoric, and we can do you blood and rhetoric without the love, and we can do you all three concurrent or consecutive. But we can't give you love and rhetoric without the blood. Blood is compulsory.

3. I go to join my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not now be ashamed.

4. I walk. I talk. I shop, I sneeze, I'm gonna be a fireman when the floods roll back. There's trees in the desert since you moved out, and I don't sleep on a bed of bones.

5. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I hope.

ETA [livejournal.com profile] rivier got them all - a Torchwood drabble of some description will therefore appear at some point.
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From this month's SFX:

Dave Langford knows that no matter what bizarrely implausible slash-fiction pairing you imagine, someone will already have written it.
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Opinions wanted: if you were going to read a long, loooong fic, would you rather read it in my current standard lj text like this? )

Or in something more like this? )


Apr. 11th, 2005 09:54 pm
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Because [livejournal.com profile] buzzylittleb is apparently compiling a list of deathfic, I feel the need for things that make me smile.

Starting with a quote from Mr Frank Zappa, possible the fruitiest loop to ever make sweet music:

"Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that it is the basic building block of the universe."

And then, two short poems )

While I was looking for those, I ran across an utterly fabulous poem by William Topaz McGonagall, a Scottish poet widely rumoured to be one of the worst ever (and the inspiration for one of Nac Mac Feegle, btw). It's a lot longer, but I can't resist posting it because it makes me giggle like a loon. The tortured rhymes! The lack of rhythm! The total insanity! Read and enjoy. )
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Just because, I am going to share some of my favourite PG Wodehouse quotes. The man was a genius and is responsible for more moments of public uncontrollable laughter on my part than any other author. (Mr Pratchett is an honourable runner-up).

"Pongo shuddered, accordingly, and in addition to shuddering uttered a sharp quack of anguish such as might have proceeded from some duck which, sauntering in a reverie beside a duck-pond, had inadvertently stubbed its toe on a broken soda-water bottle."

"The face was drawn, the eyes haggard, the general appearance that of one who has searched for the leak in life's gaspipe with a lighted candle."

"The only thing that prevented a father's love from faltering was the fact that there was in his possession a photograph of himself at the same early age, in which he, too, looked like a homicidal fried egg."

There now. If that doesn't help to spread joy and laughter, I don't know what would.

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