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Oct. 6th, 2012 09:05 pm
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The fifth series of Merlin started tonight and so I duly watched. Is it just me, though, or is the plotting getting repetitive? Stop me if this list sounds familiar...

Cryptic threat to Arthur: check
Merlin worries: check
Arthur dismisses Merlin's worries: check
Arthur and Merlin insult each other: check
Arthur is noble: check
Arthur and Merlin have a moment of affirming mutual loyalty at night: check
Merlin summons Dragon: check
Merlin is Arthur's only hope of safety: check
Knights get their shirts off: check
Morgana plots: check

I had an enormous sense of deja vu all through the episode. The traitor was obvious almost on first appearance, nothing got said in dialogue that I hadn't heard from the characters before (apart for the one exception of Gwen being brilliantly ruthless that was the only bit that felt like it wasn't a retread)... It feels like it's stuck in stasis, and nothing feels more like that than the relationship between Merlin and Arthur who have been dancing the same steps in it for about the last 3 series. I don't know - I feel like Uther dying last series should have been this huge game changer, but instead it's more like it just changed the details around the edges and the centre stayed exactly the same.

Come on, Merlin writers! Shake it up a bit - do something different! (And that does not mean fart jokes, you already did those.)

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