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Since I have finally watched Inception (yes, I know it came out, like a decade ago or something, I'm slow okay?) and now know who the hell the characters actually are, do any of the myriad people on my flist who got into that fandom want to rec me some good things to read?

I know there's loads of you out there, but since I wasn't paying attention to posts about a fandom I knew nothing of, I'm having trouble remembering who they were by... so help a fangirl out, pretty please?

As a guide, I am not particularly interested in Cobb either as the focus or in a shipping sense, but would happily peruse gen ensemble stuff, or character studies or any combination of pairing of characters of the rest of the team (and I suspect I would be all over Arthur/Eames slash like a cat and catnip).
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I watched a film this afternoon - not on telly, but The King's Speech on DVD. *sniff* Despite being surprisingly funny, that film does make me go all teary at the end. I think it is the judicious use of Beethoven under the speech - I saw a review when it came out complaining it undercut the big moment to do that but it totally works for me. Partially because I think that piece is incredibly beautiful anyway, but the timing of it so the music swells up underneath his words gets me right in the chest.

And now I would like a Colin Firth of my own please, so he can be vulnerable and gorgeous in a stiff-upper-lipped way and I can bring him tea and hug him a lot. I love the 30s suits too, not to mention the whole uniform with the sash.

Book meme!

Aug. 15th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Via [livejournal.com profile] runpunkrun: "NPR released a list of their Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels or Comic Books also Tie-In Novels or Historical Fiction That We Accidentally Thought Was Fantasy"

And I could go for a meme. So bold the ones you've read, italicise the ones you intend to read, underline the ones you've read part of, and strike the ones you never intend to read.

Book meme below )
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I played my clarinet this afternoon, for the first time in... ooh, must be a couple of years at least and even before that it had been sporadic for another bunch of years. So I was a bit worried that I'd pick it up and be unable to remember any fingering or how to read music.

But to my pleased surprise, it all came flooding trickling back. The first attempt at playing an (easy) tune was a bit messy but then I dragged out my book of scales and plugged through a bunch of majors and minors until it felt like the relevant portion of my brain had started to wake up. And then I was away with proper music for about 40 minutes - I'm amazed my embrasure held up that long. Apparently muscle memory is incredibly retentive as well because apart from coming unstuck at trickier bits of fingering, some failure of sightreading when accidentals popped up and a trifling difficulty in remembering which of the weird key combinations up at the upper end of the instrument range was which note, it was mostly okay. I think I'd struggle with pieces I didn't know, but with most of the ones I tried, as long as I didn't think too much it was okay. Not proficient, mind, or particularly smooth but way better than I was expecting.

I need to practice more, because I felt so satisfied when I'd finished playing. And also so I can regain the ability to play semiquavers evenly... I don't really know why I stopped - no I do, it was because I didn't like practicing when I was in a shared house for some reason. (Now I can just annoy the neighbours, which I will try not to think about.) Pretty stupid to let it slip, since I'd worked so hard at it when I was at school. I'm not mssively musical but I made it my goal to pass the ABRSM Grade 8 in my final year of school and I played in the school band, the school orchestra, the regional schools wind band and a concert band one of the music teachers ran... I probably could have passed the exam with a better mark than I did, but it ended up being 2 weeks earlier than me and my teacher had anticipated and I was so nervous I threw up before it (the only exam in my life I have done that for).

Oh, and random weird fact: my accompanist for the exam was Magnus Magnusson's sister - a very lovely woman and very good at playing the piano.
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It took me a while to watch the second and third episodes, which I guess illustrates how grabbed I was by the first one. Once I was watching though I certainly felt the urge to keep going and find out what happens.

It's definitely a different feeling to the series though. Someone (I think it was [livejournal.com profile] rivier) made a very interesting post about that and I think it hits the nail on the head. It boils down to a distinction - TW, up until now, was always about the people on the team and the plots or the monsters of the week were (mostly) there to show how those characters were affected and changed by them. But now the emphasis is all in the opposite direction - it is about the plot, not the characters, and so it feels a lot more distant than it used to ( CoE was like the bridge between the two styles in a way). Three episodes in and what have we learned about Rex and Esther, or Jilly? Not much, and I expect Jilly is meant to be an enigma right now but the other two shouldn't be.

Not that I haven't enjoyed the episodes so far, but it is nice to be able to go "ah, that's what feels different".

Not much to say about either episode because I still don't really know what is going on. But it did annoy me that the much-vaunted sex scenes were a result of the two male team members buggering (ha) off for some R&R while Esther and Gwen got left behind being serious and responsible. Rex at least got to storm off in a temper but Jack just came off as having ADHD... "Hmm, possibly world-ending crisis, we should... ooh, gay bar! See ya!"

Anyway, Oswald Danes is fascinating in a horrible kind of way, Dr Juarez is brilliant and I'm curious about the cult with the Cybermen-ish masks. Though I hope there is something behind the plot other than "big pharma companies are EVIL" because I happen to work in pharmaceuticals (though not for a big one) and I am not evil, thank you very much.
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I watched the first episode of Miracle Day today, and I'm... hmm, don't really know what I am. I've seen a lot of people posting reactions along the theme of 'it's not my show anymore' and I can't say I was massively hooked by the episode - but then I thought the very first episode of TW I ever watched sucked and wouldn't have watched anymore if it hadn't been for other people's recs (Ghost Machine, if you're wondering).

And it got me thinking: was Torchwood ever my show in the first place? A lot of these posts have been comparing the latest installment to the previous series and reminiscing about all the reasons they loved earlier versions, and I've realised I just don't feel like that about it anymore. I enjoyed some of the S1 and S2 episodes a lot, some I thought were bloody awful and some were just meh, and I have no urge to rewatch any of them. CoE I thought was overall a brutal, stunning piece of TV drama and I actively don't want to ever rewatch it.

And it's odd. I've looked back at my posts from way back then and I was genuinely excited for the return of S2 but then I look back at my memories of watching and there's a whole lot of emotional connection gone missing. Whereas with BtVS I am still turning over character beats and thinking through plotlines and getting angry and happy and excited over what happened.

Anyway. To go back to Miracle Day, it was intriguing enough that I'll keep watching it for another few episodes but it didn't exactly stir the blood. (And does anyone else think John Barrowman is looking awful thin in the face these days?)
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By way of [livejournal.com profile] elisi: Go look at your blog. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

Hmm, the last fandom-related thing I posted was on A Good Man Goes to War and I talked about the Doctor, River Song, Madame Vastra, Jenny and Rory PondWilliams.

I don't think I need to worry about anything as trivial as a zombie apocalypse, do you? *is amused*
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Today I came down to log on and discovered, to my utter horror and nausea, that a SLUG had made itself at home underneath and between the keys in the number pad of my keyboard.

Yeah, you read that right.


Urg, ew, ack. I may never feel clean again.

You probably don't want the details of how I disposed of it, suffice to say it employed salt and various extracting tools and the stiffest upper lip I could muster. Miraculously, the keyboard still works (unlike my peace of mind).

I've removed the little (sometimes big) bastards from my floors off and on since I moved in but this is the absolute limit.

Anyone got any advice on preventing future incursions? Or failing that, something really happy-making to rec?
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Someone's trying to monetize fandom again. And is duly being roasted - possibly I should have gone with marshmallows on sticks instead of popcorn.

What is deeply bizarre is the fandoms he's been buying into: is there any connection between Twilight, LotR and the Winnie the Pooh fandoms? I wouldn't have thought so but maybe there is some epic crossover I'm missing.

on holiday

Jun. 9th, 2011 04:59 pm
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And therefore trying to catch up with the flist without being spoiled for the last DW episode which I will not see until this weekend (god bless BBC America). Despite dying of suspense. But on the plus side, since I convinced my hosts to Tivo all DW available for me I am currently introducing them to last series while I wait (I will of course be skipping the Skittles Daleks and probably the Silurians other than the last 5 minutes or so). I believe they are thoroughly entertained so far.
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I have now watched the prepenultimate and penultimate episode of Highlander series one and... yeah. Not really running up to the finale with a bang! They're probably the ones I've enjoyed least so far.

Der Racheengel )

Flucht ohne Ausweg )

I think one thing I am missing in this series is an arc. Here I am, with just one episode to go but there's no thread to pull me into it with anticipation. All the episodes have been standalones and while they have (mostly) been entertaining and enjoyable, it does lose something from not having that plot tying them together and from not having a build up to the finale.
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But sometimes I think, hey, I'll go to a real life shop where I can browse and pick up the books and, you know, support my high street economy or whatever.

And then I rediscover that Waterstones never actually has the books I want, or the first part of any series that sounds interesting. Of the 8 books I was looking for today (I thought I'd give them a fair chance to have some) they had 2. And I didn't buy the second because when I read a few pages it didn't grab me (so they at least win over internet shopping for that).

What they didn't have:
Elizabeth's London - Liza Picard
Posh and Other Language Myths - Michael Quinion
Cryoburn - Lois McMaster Bujold
Sunshine - Robin McKinley (or any other books by her at all)
Immortal Milk - Eric LeMay
Never the Bride - Paul Magrs

What they did have:
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews which was the one that I didn't buy.
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. Only in hardback but by then I was so fed up of not being able to get what I wanted I bought it anyway.

And I also got The Fourth Bear by Jasper fforde, The Book of General Ignorance by QI people and Six Wives by David Starkey. But they weren't what I went in for, damn it.
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Of the two episodes under review this time, I have no memory of ever watching the first before and a very clear memory of the second. Possibly I never did watch this first one...

Zirkusluft )

Das Geheimnis des Modeschoepfers )

Only three episodes to go and then series one is over. If I remember rightly, the Watchers should be entering soon, stage left... I'm looking forward to Joe's arrival but less so to Darius' departure, sigh.
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Gone a bit mad with the HL iconnage, but damn there are some pretty ones out there. So I'm using Darius since he keeps popping up in the episodes, much to my delight.

And in this week's exciting episodes we have: why absinthe is bad for you, a very nice hat on a very bad man, why being a diva is bad plan, and the sideburns that ate Paris.

Masken des Todes )

Beichtgeheimnis )

Der Damon des Waldes )

Der Konig von Amazonas )

Right, I'm off to look for more icons...
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I'm slightly over half way through series 1 now and still enjoying myself. Particularly the historical flashbacks actually - despite my inappropriate glee every time Duncan has a different accent, they really are rather impressive for a TV series. The costume dept must have loved all the opportunities to do different things too not to mention getting to dress someone who looks as good in absolutely everything as Adrian Paul!

So next up we have:

Blondinen bevorzugt )

Das Attentat )

Nachright von Darius )

It seems like the order of episodes has sorted itself out now - the DVDs have started to agree with the order on the box so that will make it less irritating to watch!
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The rewatch continues:

Der Todesengel )

Der Russe )

Das verlorene Schwert )

And on a final note, I want Duncan's hair tie.
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Or if we want to be British "there can be only one, chaps". (Okay, they don't really say chaps.)

My quest to rewatch Highlander continues and now that I've demanded ny refund for shoddy, unplayable DVDs I have moved on to collecting the DVDs in the German releases (UK ones no longer seeming to exist). Which fortunately have a choice of German or original English audio because I don't remember much of the Deutsch I learned at school.

Though if you give me a couple of weeks, I'll be able to claim that I'm immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland and that I'm waiting for the Gathering since the written introduction at the start of each episodes' credits is in German. So are the titles actually which I was not expecting. And confusingly, the order of the episodes written on the DVD packaging does not match the order of the episodes actually on the discs... I'm pretty sure it is the packaging that has it correct from the little I was able to watch of the last set I tried! But all the episodes are there, just a little... jumbled.

So for the Germans on my flist I have now watched:
Die Zusammenkunft
Die Maske
Der Fremde
Sprung in den Tod
Ein Toter zuwenig
Die Wilderer

1, 2, 4 and 6 I can translate or it's close enough to the English version. Does 'sprung in den tod' mean jump to the death? It would fit, even if it's not much like Free Fall. But what on earth do 'willenlos' and 'ein toter zuwenig' mean? Because the second does not look much like Bad Day in Building A to me!

Further ramblings on what I've watched below (with spoilers, obvs) )

I watched 3.5 of those today. This series is seriously addictive! And when I finish, I can watch them all again in German for the fun of it.
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I really don't think my reaction to that is conveyable in words...*hyperventilates*

But I'll give it a shot: )
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10 minutes of behind the scenes from The Hobbit. I am in love with the whole LotR crew all over again. There was Alan Lee! And John Howe! And Dan Hennah! And Richard Taylor! And of course Peter Jackson (looking much less like a hobbit himself these days)! Oh guys, I've missed you guys...

And Ian McKellen, and Andy Serkis, and Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage - and OMG is that James Nesbitt? And why did nobody tell me Ken Stott was Balin? I love Ken Stott, and Balin is my favourite dwarf!

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